• twContest is a service facilitating the organization of Twitter Contests. Simply complete the creation form for your Contest to be taken into account by our services. Entries will be managed by our systems as well  as the Winner’s final draw.
  • twContest is NOT a Contest Directory. This site is not made to announce the Contest via the comments of your blogs or the forms of your sites. Only Twitter Contests managed by our systems are allowed. They will also be listed on our website.
  • Have you received a tweet mentioning a canceled Contest or you had access to the Canceled Contest page? It is simply a cancellation that the organizer of the same competition has decided to practice. The Contest is therefore closed to any participation.

  • There is normally no reason for you to come across a deleted Contest. Indeed, a deleted Contest means that the latter has not passed the validation by our services. Any non-compliance with the TOS results in an immediate cancellation of the Contest in question.
  • First of all, you have to know that this system is based on a loyalty / appreciation ratio. Here are the elements used to calculate the score of a user: 
    A – The number of Contests he has created on twContest 
    B – The number of participants that generated these Contests 
    C – The number of participations of this user to Other contests 
    D – The score obtained by the averages of the votes given for this user 
    With all these elements the calculation is the following: